Significant Deals for Norway’s Premier Defence and Aersospace-related Systems Supplier

With over 50 years of cooperation, Norwegian defence and aerospace-related systems supplier, Kongsberg Gruppen and Raytheon have signed a USD 14.8 million contract with the US Navy to manufacture and deliver over-the-horizon weapon systems for offensive missiles loaded into launching mechanisms, and a single fire control suite, with options that may bring the cumulative value to over USD 845. Separately, Kongsberg has also entered into a contract worth EUR 124M with the Royal Malaysian Navy for delivery of the Naval Strike Missile to their six new Littoral Combat ships.

Kongsberg has also received an order from Lockheed Martin valued at MNOK 525 for deliveries of more than 150 F-35 Joint Strike Fighter aircraft, helping position the company as a competitive supplier of high end manufacturing for the F-35 program.

For Kongsberg Gruppen, producing market leading products in close cooperation with the worlds leading defence suppliers helps position it for more deals. Recently Kongsberg Gruppen signed the largest deal in the company’s history, a cooperation agreement with Qatar for long-term technology developments within defence, maritime industry and digitalisation that will involve more than 170 Norwegian sub-suppliers.