Global Defence & Security Fund
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Launching Our New Unique Fund!

We welcome you to invest in the worlds first actively managed UCITS-Fund that focuses on Defence and Homeland Security.

With exceptionally strong returns since 2000, Defence and Homeland Security enables investors to be exposed to innovation and technology, but with an equity exposure that we believe is less vulnerable to economic cycles than other equity investments and driven more by geopolitical events and defence budget trends, has the potential to offer outstanding diversification benefits, making it an ideal investment choice in your investment portfolio.

We believe Defence and Homeland Security has a very bright future and we hope you join us on an exciting investment journey!

Global Intelligence

- our way to assess the future

Taking advantage of our diverse backgrounds we have created Global Intelligence. A process that integrates a traditional Intelligence Cycle into our own Global Intelligence process.

Global Intelligence is a perfect fit for applying a top down analytical approach within the defence and security sector. Global Intelligence combines Geopolitical Intelligence, Market Intelligence and Competitive Intelligence disciplines into a single process where we collect information and conduct a deep analysis of actual or potentially interesting investment objects, market segments and trends.​

​​By working according to our "GI-process" we provide key decision makers with a more “complete picture” of potential investment objects performances and potentials. ​​

​Global Intelligence acts as the organizational function responsible for the early identification of risks and opportunities in the market.

Fund information

  • Global All Cap – Small, Medium and Large Cap

  • UCITS Fund – Daily Traded

  • Actively Managed – Concentrated portfolio with 20 to 50 companies

  • Asset Allocation – Defence and Homeland Security

  • Regulatory Supervision – Luxembourg and Sweden

  • Share Classes – SEK and EURO



Money invested

The ‘Asset Management’ of our Fund

We apply a top-down analytical process and research more than 500 companies in each sector.

Together with the investment team, the portfolio manager combines vast information gathering on geopolitical and long-term trends that are shaping defence spending with traditional fundamental analysis.

We have clear policies and guidelines that promote responsible investing and we stay away from companies that produce landmines or cluster-bombs.

Fundamentals analysis of companies

Once we have mapped geopolitical trends we look at a range of company fundamentals including cash flow, earnings, debt, political risk, market position and future potential which is then assessed by our own models.

Investment team is involved

The fund manager presents target companies for the investment committee which forms the basis for portfolio and stress testing.

Portfolio construction

The fund manager is ultimately responsible for the decision and weighs in the case from a diversification and portfolio perspective.


The investment team has regular reviews on the current portfolio.

Defence Sector -

The defence sector is unique to any other sector as it concerns goods and services that are sold to nations to protect their borders and mitigate conflict escalation. The worlds total annual defence budget is approximately USD 1.7T and growing. Conservative estimates indicate this will exceed USD 2T by 2024 and likely much higher as countries look to increase budgets and replace aging equipment. The defence industry is made up of several hundred innovative companies and we believe a combination of detailed geopolitical analysis with company analysis helps identify those most likely to succeed.

Security Sector -

The security sector is comprised of several hundred innovative companies that produce solutions to combat cyber threats. As this industry has matured so too have many traditional defence companies broadened their offering to include cyber security. The national budgets for homeland security are much smaller than the national defence budgets but the companies that produce goods and services for the security sector also have a very large private customer base that seeks to be protected from a growing threat.

Important documents

Before investing, please take part of the following documents.

Management Company for the fund is Hauck & Aufhauser Fund Services S.A. in Luxemburg. The Fund administration is outsourced to Finserve Nordic AB, a swedish fund and AIF company with discrectionary mandate. Hauck & Aufhauser is under the supervision of CSSF in Luxemburg and Finserve by FI in Sverige.

Fund Launch 19th February 2019

It is with great pleasure that we can announce the Global Defence & Security Fund has now been approved by CSSF, the financial regulatory body in Luxembourg. This means the fund will launch on 19th February 2019. Investors that wish to invest in the fund may sign...

Saab Sensor Day

It was a good turnout for Saab’s Sensor Day and the crowd was treated to a mix of technical, albeit general, and operational in-the-field information updates. Generally speaking, sensors collect information and enable us to assess the surrounding environment. That...

Saab Capital Markets Day

It was a rollercoaster of a ride leading up to SAAB’s Capital Markets Day. Following the confirmation that SAAB and Boeing were awarded the T-X program from the U.S. Air Force the share price spiked to an all time high only to fall some twenty five percent after SAAB...

Kongsberg Gruppen with new deals

Significant Deals for Norway’s Premier Defence and Aersospace-related Systems Supplier With over 50 years of cooperation, Norwegian defence and aerospace-related systems supplier, Kongsberg Gruppen and Raytheon have signed a USD 14.8 million contract with the US Navy...


  • Global Defence & Security fonden kommer att delta i NDIS 2018. Ett seminar som sker vartannat år inom den Nordiska förvarsindustrin. Vi är stolta att delta på detta event och ser fram emot att träffa alla andra deltagare.

    8 November 2018
  • Det är med stor glädje vi kan bekräfta att Global Defence & Security Fund nu har blivit godkänd av Finansinspektionen i Luxembourg.
    Detta betyder att fonden kommer lanseras den 19e februari 2019 och inom kort kan man teckna upp sig genom Nordnet och Nord Fondkommission för att vara med från start.
    Vi tror att en investering i försvars- och säkerhetsindustrin genom oss kan erbjuda investerare en avkastning som är mindre känslig mot konjekturen samt ge en diversifierad investeringsportfölj. Vi bedömer även att den långsiktiga trenden för försvars -och säkerhetsindustrin kommer innebära fortsatt ökade budgetar vilket kommer gynna bolag inom dessa sektorer.
    Vi ser fram emot att välkomna er till en spännande resa.

    December 2018
  • Tanken var att Global Defence & Security Fund skulle börja erbjudas via Nordnet den 19/2, vilket tyvärr inte blev fallet.
    Nordnet hämtar all fonddata från en extern part och kopplingen mellan Nordnet och den externa parten har tyvärr inte fungerat. Vi jobbar tillsammans med Nordnet och andra inblandande parter för att lösa problemet. Fonden går redan nu att köpa på t ex. Nord Fondkommission.

    Nordnet testar att all nödvändig information finns och gör sedan fonden tillgänglig för handel. Det innebär att målet är att Global Defence & Security Fund syns i Nordnets fondlista nu på fredag den 22/2 och senast i början av nästa vecka är det löfte vi nu fått.

    20 Februari 2019

Experienced Team

The team consists of members with a long and deep experience from both the financial sector, the military and military industry. Combining our expertise has resulted in both a new unique fund as well a a ground breaking way of assembling and analysing information. What we call Global intelligence.

Henrik Sundin
Henrik Sundin
Sales and Marketing
Mathias Sigvardsson
Mathias Sigvardsson
Investment Team
Rainer Korhonen
Rainer Korhonen
Investment Team
Andreas Wiman
Andreas Wiman
Investment Team
Michael Gunnarsson
Michael Gunnarsson
Sales and Marketing
Tor Sinclair
Tor Sinclair
Portfolio Manager